SUNPIPE LUXLOOP: Low Energy Hybrid Lighting System

SUNPIPE LUXLOOP combines the SUNPIPE natural daylight system with an incredibly efficient and intelligent LED solution. Delivering the right light at the right time of the day: SUNPIPE directs healthy natural light from its patented Diamond Dome through the SUPER-SILVER® finish aluminium tube to the ceiling diffuser. In the evening or when the level of external light is insufficient to properly light the space, the system is complimented by its advanced LED by leading British manufacturer PhotonStar LEDTM, and intelligently managed by the HalcyonTM wireless control (optional).

The result is a complete and ultra-low energy lighting system, suitable for any location with guaranteed lighting performance.

The SUNPIPE LUXLOOP has already been shortlisted for several lighting awards including the LUX Awards, Energy Awards and FX Design Awards

Natural Lighting Brochure

Deliver the Right Light at the Right Time

SUNPIPE LuxLoop Controls the Circadian Rhythm. HalcyonTM is the only intelligent wireless lighting system that has been optimised for your biology to deliver the right light at the right time of the day. HalcyonTM emulates changing daylight for health, wellbeing, productivity and improved sleep. The system also offers automated energy saving benefits through wireless lighting control. It has 3 different modes of operation:

  • Standard: SUNPIPE LuxLoop operates on a standard ON/OFF switch. Non-dimmable, fixed white 4000 k.
  • Smart: SUNPIPE LuxLoop functions with a combination of 1-10V driver and Daylight Harvest sensor for fully automatic control.
  • Circadian: The SUNPIPE LuxLoop Circadian comes with the wireless control system, which changes the colour of the LuxLoop as the colour of the natural daylight changes over the course of the day. It can also display a full RGB spectrum of colours and 1700 k - 7000 k white light.

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